Artist's multiple is a series of identical art objects produced or commissioned by artist according to his or her idea, usually a signed limited edition made specifically for selling. Multiples are united by their lack of uniqueness, usually regarded as a prerequisite in a work of art.
Alexis Chrun
40 x 80 cm
3 (slack of 7 rulers)
770 €

This big size ruler was produced to flatten the sculpture bird in space by Brancusi. It used to draw circle, elements of simple geometric forms as its primary model. Several rulers can be suspended conveniently like a tool.

Plectre A
Gwendal Coulon
7,5 x 0,2 x 10 cm
edition of 100
0.80 €

If you play guitar, this plectrum is for you. It is made in a very thin polyester sheet. Just play and destroy it.

Jonás Fadrique
5,5 x 8,5 cm
10 €

Whit this badge the viewer becomes the support of the piece and takes on a multiple and unknown position with respect to the meaning of the symbol. 

A windowless house
Lucas Leglise
120 x 160 cm
edition of 30
170 €

This movie poster is a view of the 70 mm film stock of « A windowless house » unfolded and in its actual size. « A windowless house » is a ten second film in which the image of a house built by Tadao Ando for the Azuma familly in Osaka is repeated on every frame of the film stock.

Peaches and Cream
Maria Paris
42 x 59 cm
edition of 30
50 €

Infinite open-ended poem to be read while waiting for the sunset.

Send 1 word to 1 love
Sarah Laaroussi
post card
10 x 15 cm
edition of 50
1.5 €

Help me to spread this sentence around the world: to your grandma, you didn’t talk to anymore, your childhood best friend you lose sight of, your first love, the teacher you will remember forever, or even your enemy.

This postcard is a little gift for those people you want to be happy. You can also buy it for yourself as a sort of self-goal.

Everyday Rituals
Yue Yuan
6,6 x 3 x 1 cm
edition of 10
30 €

60 actions are recorded by words, a strategy to escape from everyday life.

The keychain can be carried with you, a plan to escape.

Visit card
Yue Yuan
8,5 x 5,5 cm
edition of 100
1 €

The outline of the artist's door key is printed on the visit card, which is an agreement between the artist and the visitor.

I will be back in an hour
Yue Yuan
cotton bag
40 x 37cm
edition of 10
50 €

This is a message, an illusion, a promise to everyone you meet.